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Cicada Invasion 2013

June 3rd, 2013

Adding to what seems to be a growing trend in zombies – popular cable television shows, movies, video games and the like, if you live on the East Coast, you’re in for a zombie-like treat this year. The cicada invasion 2013 is set fill your world with zombie-eyed bugs that will outnumber humans approximately 600 to one.
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Gutter Guards for Sweet Gum Trees

September 6th, 2012
Gutter Guards for Sweet Gum Trees

It doesn’t matter what kind of gutter you have, sweet gum trees will quickly cause it to clog with their spiky fruit.

When people fill out forms on our website, we often ask, “Is there a particular problem that you’re trying to deal with?”  Often, people share that they’ve got sweet gum trees on their property and they want to know if MasterShield can help with this type of tree.
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Gutter Shield: Put an End Vacation Home Worries from Pine Needles

August 6th, 2012

It’s vacation time and you may be headed to the beach, the woods or the lake for some well deserved relaxation. If you own the home and use it for your family or for rental income, you likely have a similar problem in any of these places – pine needles clogging your gutters.

It’s a vacation, right? You don’t want the thought of your gutters to ever cross your mind. You don’t want your paying guests worried about it either. You want them loving your home so they’ll rent it again next year.
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Half Round Gutter Guards

July 30th, 2012

Half round gutter guards are something you’ll want to consider if your home currently has half round gutters or your thinking about choosing this style of gutter for your home.

Half round gutters offer the elegance of a European look and feel to your home or complement a historic style of gutter which was prevalent in North America up until the late 1940s.  Half round gutters are available in aluminum, copper, galvanized or even plastic.  Choose wisely: depending on your choice, they’ll each give a distinctive look to your home.
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Roof Valleys, a Problem Area for a Gutter Guard

February 3rd, 2012

Here’s a quick video we created about a common problem area that a gutter guard has to deal with. In this case, there’s a roof valley that ends over a straight gutter run. Roof valleys are a common problem area for gutters and gutter guards. Take a look:
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Issues With Wet Snow and Gutter Guards

January 24th, 2012
Wet Snow and Gutter Guards

It’s wet snow like what you see on this sidewalk that also can be found on your roof, resulting in drips off a gutter guard

While most of the country’s snowfalls have been lighter than normal this year (not you, Alaska!), we think it’s still important to address a snow related issue that might lead someone to call us if they aren’t properly educated about it and gutter guards. While you might find this information repeated in our FAQs, it can’t hurt to have multiple ways to get to the same facts.
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