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A Stainless Steel Gutter Screen Needs This Critical Feature

March 13th, 2013

Stainless steel gutter screen has become the best rated gutter guard design in the industry. But for a stainless steel gutter screen to perform, it needs a certain feature to promote two very important elements of how it should work.
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Best Gutter Guards for Oak Trees

February 26th, 2013

Oak trees are dirty. Choosing the best gutter protection for oak trees should be about keeping out everything they shed. Yet, that’s not typically what people wind up buying.

Towering up to four stories over your home with broad canopies, oaks drop lots of messy debris. People will argue oak debris is worse than cottonwood or pine. We won’t step into this debate other than to say any tree that causes your gutters to fill with leaves, seeds, debris or anything that you have to clean out falls into our category of the worst trees for your home.

If you have oaks, however, you are dealing with specific debris, so let’s help make choosing the best gutter guards for oak trees hassle-free.
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Aluminum Gutter Guards – The Best and Worst Types

December 19th, 2012

You’re in the market for aluminum gutter guards. That’s great, because with one low cost home improvement project (we’re not talking anything even near $10K), you’ll be staying safely on the ground, gaining back entire half-days of your precious weekends and eliminating expensive damage (that’s $10K+) from ever getting the chance to gain a foothold.

The choices may seem endless and you may feel there’s a lot of work to figure out your options and get an understanding of the myriad features. But the task doesn’t have to be time consuming, especially if you know in advance what will make the choices of aluminum gutter guards much, much easier.
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Solving the Hardest Gutter Guard Problems We Can Find

August 31st, 2012

When you go to Google and type in gutter guards, you’ll find the competition in this space is intense. We’ve done research and found more than 120 different brands of gutter guards looking to attract you to their websites.  Once you pick a few that sound good on the surface, you click through. You, along with thousands of others, will spend less than 25 seconds on that website, because your initial reaction is that the product won’t solve your gutter problems.  You quickly realize with many of these products,  you’ll just wind up with gutter guard problems.
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Can Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Say They’re “Made in the USA”?

August 13th, 2012

Given that we manufacture our stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards in New Jersey, in 2004 we researched if we qualified to be called a Made in the USA product.

We buy our aluminum from US producers of painted aluminum coil. The mills they use are all American facilities. We use a special glue made by a US company that gets heated to 375 degrees, then cools to a solid form almost instantly.  All of our equipment was made by a US producer of roll forming machines. Lastly, we buy our custom woven stainless steel micro filter from a U.S. supplier of metal products. We thought we were a “shoe-in” for the Made in the USA name.
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Pitching a Gutter Cover Helps It Self-Clean

July 19th, 2012

Pitching a gutter cover so it sheds debris on its own.  That just makes sense because no one wants to buy a brush and constantly brush their gutter cover clean.  But gutter covers get dirty from something else-the oils that leach from roof shingles.  Alex Higginbotham was the first inventor to identify roof oils as a leading cause of gutter cover failure. He also invented the first self-cleaning gutter cover in 2003. His technology cleanses his microfilter of the roof oils that tend to clog other systems. It’s an amazing technology.
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