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Gutter Guard Icicles Now that parts of the country have started to see temperatures drop below freezing, it’s a perfect time to revisit gutter guard icicles because most people who have recently purchased a gutter guard would not have experienced this issue before. So, should you expect gutter guard icicles? The answer is a… Read More
What to Know Beforehand and Afterwards As we mentioned in our prior post, hail storms can do a lot of damage to personal property like your home and automobile. Through some simple planning, you can make sure that you’re better prepared should your home be caught in an unexpected storm. What You Can do… Read More
12 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Impending Storm We at MasterShield hope our friends and customers in the Northeast will be spared the double whammy of an earthquake and a hurricane in one week. But as Mean Irene bears down on the eastern US, we found some good tips in our “go bag”… Read More
Hail Damage to Home According to the National Severe Storms Lab (NSSL), Florida may get the most thunderstorms, but Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming usually have the most hail storms. From a safe vantage point, people find hail storms amazing, but reality quickly sets in with the thought of dealing with hail damage. Costly Damage… Read More