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The Best Gutter Guards Guide to the Oscars

February 20th, 2012

Everyone at MasterShield loves a fun event, and the Academy Awards happens to be one of them. In celebration, here’s how the best gutter guards can be paired with all nine Oscar® nominated films. We debated and deliberated to determine how they best embraced the spirit and message of MasterShield.
Here’s our list. May the best gutter guards and best picture win!
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MasterShield Salutes Steve Jobs, An American Pioneer

October 6th, 2011

“Retweet this if your hand is resting on an Apple product right now.” Last night, among the many tributes being paid as we learned of Steve Jobs’s passing, this was circulating on Twitter. And it was true: chances were if you weren’t touching Apple it wasn’t very far away.
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5th Higginbotham Gutter Guard Patent Receives Claim on Louvers

August 8th, 2011

The Higginbotham gutter guard patent portfolio has climbed to five as the US Patent and Trademark office issued a fifth US Patent, US7,913,458.  This patent includes a claim that features protrusions or louvers as the means of directing water through his MicroVortex membrane and into the gutter.
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MasterShield Gutter Guard Inventor Receives 5th Patent on Microfilter

July 6th, 2011

MasterShield gutter guard inventor Edward “Alex” Higginbotham was recently granted his fifth US Patent for a gutter guard that features a microfilter. And for the first time, the US Patent Office has acknowledged the uniqueness of the use of a microfilter, and granted a patent claim on the microfilter itself.
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Eleven Reasons to Choose MasterShield Gutter Guards

May 26th, 2011
Reasons to Choose MasterShield Gutter Guards

The gutters above started out white, but now are streaked with dirty lines down the front.

When people contact MasterShield gutter guards, we ask them what problem they’re trying to deal with.  Most comment that they’re just tired of cleaning their gutters.  Honestly, we can’t blame them.  It’s a necessary evil that looms over some homeowners practically monthly, others two to three times per year.

Here’s a sad fact. The gutter guard business is pretty dirty and aggressive.  People will say anything to be the first ones in your home and push their product aggressively so you can’t even consider anything else.
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MasterShield Gutter Guard Gets First Patent in Australia

May 23rd, 2011

MasterShield Gutter Guard’s inventor, Edward “Alex” Higginbotham’s gutter guard gets first patent in Australia.  His first Australian patent is for a gutter guard which use micro mesh gutter guard technology.

The Australian gutter guard patent describes a simple perforated horizontal plane that has upward protruding elements that arise from the top surface of the perforated plane. The plane contains recessed wells between the protruding elements with at least one well being perforated and where at least one of the upward protruding elements contacts the surface of a filtering element.
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