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Ask The Builder’s Tim Carter Chooses MasterShield® Gutter Protection After Real World Gutter Guard Test Read the Column and Watch the Video. RIDGEWOOD, N.J. — Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and writer of the top home improvement Web site, AskTheBuilder.com, Tim Carter is pleased to announce his results after taking The Clean Gutter Challenge. With more than a… Read More
Specialty Gutter Products The Best Gutter Guard Products Our goal is to solve problems that others choose to ignore. Here at MasterShield, we’ve developed entirely new leaf gutter screen technologies. Our leaf guards are the result of feedback that resident inventor Alex Higginbotham gathered from the field: other gutter guard systems sat flat, like… Read More
Part of our series of posts where we discuss gutter guard tests. Alex Higginbotham, MasterShield’s inventor, shot a telling video to discuss the importance of testing for the impact of oil in gutter guard tests. Higginbotham Gutter Guard Tests Push Products on Real Failing Points Gutter guard tests often use pieces of product right… Read More
When people contact MasterShield gutter guards, we ask them what problem they’re trying to deal with.  Most comment that they’re just tired of cleaning their gutters.  Honestly, we can’t blame them.  It’s a necessary evil that looms over some homeowners practically monthly, others two to three times per year.  Below we list problems homeowners… Read More
Whether it’s spring blossoms, twigs and branches from summer storms, or falling leaves in autumn, the extra work of unclogging our gutters can add up. Seasonal chores like these can take too much time away from your family, your passions, and your hobbies.  It doesn’t have to be this way. MasterShield from MicroMeshGutterGuards.com keeps… Read More