Category: Homeowner’s Guide to Gutter Guards

In GAF’s May 2011 Steep Slope Technical Report, Gutter Covers and Shingles, the largest roof shingle manufacturer in North America (they make both GAF and Elk shingles) addressed the issue of roofing and installing gutter guards. Since it’s home show season, we’ve heard from several of our dealers that gutter covers companies selling other… Read More
When you install new gutters with or without a gutter cover, within a matter of months, your gutters will start to look dull and dirty. The lighter the gutter color (and most homes have white or light colored gutters) the faster and more noticeable the change. No one wants to make an investment of… Read More
Gutter Guard Icicles Now that parts of the country have started to see temperatures drop below freezing, it’s a perfect time to revisit gutter guard icicles because most people who have recently purchased a gutter guard would not have experienced this issue before. So, should you expect gutter guard icicles? The answer is a… Read More
A recent GAF report, “Asphaltic Roofing in Contact with non-Compatible Building Components and Roofing Accessory Products,” should be read by any homeowner with an asphalt shingle roof – and that’s most of us. The report addressed the issue of oils present in asphaltic roofing materials and the fact that they may not be compatible… Read More
5 Tips for Second Home Owners-Fixes Like a Gutter Filter Can Help If you are a second-home owner, chances are that your primary residence is more than 200 miles from your vacation house or condo. Whether it’s on the beach, in the mountains, or in another city, there’s no place like your holiday home… Read More