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Gutter Repairs – Do I Need Them & How Can I Do Them for Cheap?

April 22nd, 2016

Gutter repairs, when done right, will prolong the life of your gutters. A well-maintained gutter can last decades, happily carrying water away from your home and foundation with little fuss.

But what about the opposite scenario? What about when gutters fail? When gutters fail to keep water away from your home, expensive foundation damage results. Water rots fascia, cracks foundation, warps siding, and heaves driveways. Water damage can also encourage mold growth, as well as provide an access point from termites and other pests. Terrible stuff, right?

So what better way to show your home your love than by repairing your rain gutters and downspouts? Below we offer our best (and simplest!) solutions to all the types of damage your gutters will sustain.
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The Cost of Doing Nothing With Your Gutters

January 20th, 2015

Have you taken a look up at your gutters lately? Most people choose to ignore their gutters, and when they do, create problems that never would have existed. Doing nothing with your gutters can be a real problem, and as you’ll see, waiting until it’s too late can leave a real hole in your wallet. Read the rest of this entry »

What Are the Biggest Problems with Reverse Curve Gutter Guards?

May 21st, 2013

Despite having some of the most promising marketing messages you can imagine, reverse curve gutter guards have some serious problems.  Although they sell on the fact that you can forget your gutters or you’ll never clean your gutters, people that buy these systems often wind up with added problems, not the solution to the problem they hoped for.
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How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

January 15th, 2013

One of the first questions potential gutter guard owners want to know when they call one of our dealers is, “How much do your gutter guards cost?” Although it’s a difficult question to answer, we’ll try to explain some general pricing guidelines.

Gutter Guards CostThe purchase of a gutter guard is much like the purchase of a car. With so many types and options available, price ranges can vary.  Just as a Toyota Sienna minivan can start around $20k for a basic model, it can quickly cost over $40k if you add in manufacturer and dealer options.  Items like an all-leather interior, wood finishes, all-wheel drive, rear camera backup, built-in GPS system, waterproof floor mats quickly add up to big numbers.
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MasterShield Complaints: Three Things to Know Before You Buy

January 2nd, 2013

MasterShield ComplaintsDo we ever get MasterShield complaints from existing customers?  We’d certainly be painting an unrealistic picture if we said no.  In a perfect world, where it only rained like the conditions we can create on a home show water display, we’d never get a complaint!

Working with inventor Alex Higginbotham, we use the feedback we get from different parts of the country to constantly improve our product and its performance.  We keep our dealers abreast of the hows and the whys with access to up to date product information and rely on them to get our methodology out to their estimators and installers.
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Aluminum Gutter Guards – The Best and Worst Types

December 19th, 2012

You’re in the market for aluminum gutter guards. That’s great, because with one low cost home improvement project (we’re not talking anything even near $10K), you’ll be staying safely on the ground, gaining back entire half-days of your precious weekends and eliminating expensive damage (that’s $10K+) from ever getting the chance to gain a foothold.

The choices may seem endless and you may feel there’s a lot of work to figure out your options and get an understanding of the myriad features. But the task doesn’t have to be time consuming, especially if you know in advance what will make the choices of aluminum gutter guards much, much easier.
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