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Why Rain Gutter Covers Shouldn’t Be Made From Plastic

April 3rd, 2013

Ever notice everything associated with your roof is made from metal?  That the only thing that you’ll find near your roof made from plastic are some brands of rain gutter covers?  Most brands of gutter covers are made from metal, similar to the metal used in gutter coil or flashing.  There are several reasons rain gutter covers should be made from metal and not plastic.

Plastic rain gutter covers can be in the form of curves, sponges, louvers — even micro filtration, like MasterShield.  The product design is critical to the rain gutter covers’ performance, but the material the covers are made from are just as pivotal in long term quality and effectiveness.
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A Stainless Steel Gutter Screen Needs This Critical Feature

March 13th, 2013

Stainless steel gutter screen has become the best rated gutter guard design in the industry. But for a stainless steel gutter screen to perform, it needs a certain feature to promote two very important elements of how it should work.
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Solving the Hardest Gutter Guard Problems We Can Find

August 31st, 2012

When you go to Google and type in gutter guards, you’ll find the competition in this space is intense. We’ve done research and found more than 120 different brands of gutter guards looking to attract you to their websites.  Once you pick a few that sound good on the surface, you click through. You, along with thousands of others, will spend less than 25 seconds on that website, because your initial reaction is that the product won’t solve your gutter problems.  You quickly realize with many of these products,  you’ll just wind up with gutter guard problems.
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Cheap Leaf Guards: What You Can Learn from a Can of Diet Coke

May 18th, 2012

I recently ordered a Diet Coke on a flight.  I haven’t had soda for a while so I was quite surprised to discover a change to Diet Coke that struck me. With the can twisted towards its contents, I saw 333 ml.  Or, what really shocked me, 11.27 ounces. And it made me think about cheap leaf guards, because that’s what I’m prone to do.

What happened to the 12 oz. can of soda?  Somehow it disappeared and I missed the whole thing.  Am I the last person in America to notice this change?  I sincerely hope not.  And more importantly, what does Coke think it’s doing or saving by taking away 0.73 ounces of soda, or one sip, from the can?
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Higginbotham Inventions: LeafFilter, then MasterShield

May 18th, 2012

Who invented micro mesh gutter guards? A lot of people and brands are raising their hands.  But we say enough and let the facts speak for themselves.  These are Higginbotham inventions.

The patents issued by the US Patent Office and the dates that they were issued set the record straight.  Remember, only one patent can get issued for a technological invention. People can make minor tweaks and even get patents for them, but those tweaks still need to rely on someone else’s innovation.  It also means they shouldn’t be using the original patented innovation if the patent protection is still in place without seeking a license from the inventor.

Higginbotham inventions have changed an entire industry, similar to what Thomas Dyson did with the vacuum cleaner and Steve Jobs did to the mobile phone and tablet computer markets.  Like the idea of working with an innovator?  It’s their successes that should make you feel confident in the product that you purchase.
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Mind the Gap – Cool Video on Why Gutter Screens Should Overlap

May 18th, 2012

At first glance, MasterShield looks like it installs in the same way most other gutter screens do, with one piece butted up against another.

But among it’s many firsts, MasterShield actually has a unique interlocking panel system at its seams. This allows MasterShield to fit together perfectly, avoiding the gaps you might find in other products.
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