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In their recent review of best gutter guards, MasterShield was named Number One by

Micro mesh gutter guards were first developed more than a decade ago by Alex Higginbotham. Since then, he has been awarded 9 patents (and counting) domestically and internationally for the technology that he developed for gutter guards. His advancements represent over 15% of all innovations in the field of gutter protection. The accomplishments he has achieved in the claims of his patents (the claims are where the new teaching is presented and described in a patent) are equaled only by JM Hess, the gentleman who received the very first patent for a gutter guard back in the 1880s.

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Five Products Tested for Best Gutter Guard

Of the five products tested by, four (including MasterShield) employ technologies that Higginbotham developed and has patent protected.   That says quite a lot for the technology he created, it took top honors through multiple products.  What’s the core technology? Touching the underside of a filter with a contact point to draw water in and keep debris out.

As their best gutter guard, MasterShield incorporates Higginbotham’s latest advancements and improvements in the field. Our ability to shed debris, siphon water and self clean from all the havoc Mother Nature likes to throw at roofs and gutters is unmatched in the field.  Want to know what the ultimate test is?  Rather than hold the product flat, hold it vertical and note that it still pulls water through its filter—sideways.  Something special in the best gutter guard design makes this happen and only MasterShield can do it.  When you put others to the test without the MasterShield features, water flows forward and off the systems.

According to’s website, they are “a trusted source that helps you quickly find the best of everything.” They pick qualified experts chosen for their knowledge, experience and expertice in a particular niche.

Thank you,, for making MasterShield your Best Gutter Guard choice!

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