Ask The Builder’s Tim Carter Chooses MasterShield® Gutter Protection After Real World Gutter Guard Test

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RIDGEWOOD, N.J. — Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and writer of the top home improvement Web site, AskTheBuilder.com, Tim Carter is pleased to announce his results after taking The Clean Gutter Challenge. With more than a decade’s experience researching and reporting on gutter cover failures, Carter has spent the past 18 months testing gutter protection systems on his own home. After investing several systems with built-in micromesh filters, he found a winner – MasterShield® Gutter Protection. Carter is so confident in its performance, he had MasterShield installed on the rest of his home, just in time for autumn.

“MasterShield Gutter Protection does what it says, keeping all leaves, oak tassels, maple helicopters and even pine needles out of gutters,” said Carter. “I have tested numerous gutter guard products all claiming they keep debris out and homeowners won’t have to clean their gutters again. As readers of my Web site know, my research has shown a very large percentage of these products fail in the springtime, and would not be a prudent investment. MasterShield makes me happy since I won’t have to clean out my gutters again, and my wife’s happy since I’ll stay off the roof.”

“We are excited and proud that Ask The Builder’s Tim Carter took The Clean Gutter Challenge and that MasterShield performed the best,” said Karen Sager, President of MasterShield Gutter Protection. “We are pleased to be his gutter protection system of choice and look forward to proving to Tim’s readers, and all homeowners, our product deserves this unique distinction.”

The multi-patented MasterShield is the current generation of gutter protection from inventor Edward “Alex” Higginbotham, the industry innovator of micromesh gutter guards. In 2001, he launched the industry’s first micromesh guard. While a commercial success, he felt it could be improved. In 2006, after dozens of prototypes, Higginbotham changed the old, plastic body to strong, yet flexible, recycled aluminum allowing MasterShield to be installed with the roof’s pitch. He also concentrated on the filter and, after several enhancements, developed a stainless steel micromesh filter with new patented HydroVortex Technology. This approach creates a vacuum, pulling water into the gutter from practically any direction – including vertically. HydroVortex technology, combined with the patented LeafRelease non-stick surface, causes MasterShield to be self-cleaning, ensuring a lifetime of performance.

“MasterShield keeps homeowners on the ground while protecting their homes from the damage clogged gutters can cause, including termites, cracked foundations, mold and even West Nile Virus,” said Higginbotham. “Insects and animals are effectively shut out of the gutter, so there’s no place to live and breed.”

“Other gutter guards have jumped on the micromesh bandwagon. Although they might look similar to MasterShield, The Clean Gutter Challenge proved to me there are significant performance differences between these products. The filter alone is not what makes MasterShield work,” adds Carter. “If you’re going to spend your money on a gutter guard system, don’t settle; buy the one that works.”

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