Are Your Gutters Struggling? Top 10 Signs Gutter Guards are Needed

A Portland, OR customer I talked to last weekend couldn’t have been happier. Not just because she was finally able to move getting micro mesh gutter guards from her to-do list to her DONE list. Because the rain that Portland is famous for wasn’t bothering her any more. After eight weeks of a gluten-free diet, she was free of her painful and sometimes debilitating allergies that were set off by pollen, mould and rain. Who knew? I congratulated the customer on her willpower, giving up pizza, pasta and cookies. “It’s not easy,” she admitted, “but I was struggling with my allergies almost every day. They were stopping me from doing things I wanted to do.” Just as she was struggling with allergies, her gutters were struggling to cope with heavy persistent rain.

Are your gutters also struggling?10 Signs you need Master Shield gutter protection

Here’s a checklist our dealers use:

1. Clogged gutters

2. Gutters overflowing

3. Clogged downspouts

4. Rotted fascia boards

5. Gutters coming loose from house

6. Gutters not pitched properly, sagging

7. Missing pieces of gutter system

8. Water discharging at foundation

9. Wet basement

10. Leaks in ceiling, mildew and mold

After a heavy rain is an excellent time to walk around your house and inspect it for signs of struggling gutters. If you are seeing any of these signs, your gutters are struggling. It may be time to reevaluate your gutter system and whether it can cope with heavy rain.

MasterShield’s patented Hydrovortex technology guarantees that your gutters will not clog, no matter the weather. Designed to improve MasterShield’s performance when the product is pittched with the roof, this technology helps to stop the forward momentum of water when it reaches the gutter. HydroVortex technology redirects it down and into the gutter below.

Are you seeing signs of gutter struggle? You may be interested in taking our quick three-question survey!

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