All About Gutters: Know What the Pros Should Know

We do a lot of traveling around the country and see a lot of gutters.  It shocks us how often they’re not installed right.  Most of the time, you’ll find them shoved right underneath the shingles. That is not where they should be installed.   You should see what happens to your shingles over time when they’re installed this way.

Often, they don’t extend out past the roof shingle edge at the side of your home, so water, following the path of least resistance, follows the edge and drips off the corner in a steady stream.  This could have been avoided if the gutter extended just a little further past the roof.

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Silly stuff.  And avoidable if you know all about gutters.

Whether you’re a new homeowner just trying to get your hands around general home maintenance or if you’ve got the best looking home on the block because you keep everything in tip-top shape, how much about gutters do you really know?

You know you need them to take water away from your home or water can cause damage. You may know that in many parts of the country, they handle more water than your indoor plumbing.

As it relates to how they’re installed, there are the basics, like how much they should drop towards the downspouts.  When we went searching, we couldn’t find a comprehensive source of information in a simple format like a checklist you could quickly read and refer back to.

So we created it and you’re welcome to a free copy by clicking on the button below link.  We hope that you wind up teaching your local installer a thing or two because of it.

Free Guide:  Know What the Pros Know:  Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Gutters

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