Alex Higginbotham Receives 6th Patent on Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

Micro Mesh Gutter Guard PatentAlex Higginbotham has been issued a sixth patent by the US Patent and Trademark office. This current patent expand upon the two prior patents he has on a micro mesh filter over expanded metal, a design he first patented in 2005.

The latest patent draws on Alex Higginbotham’s most recent discoveries, resulting in a greater capability to capture and redirect water through the gutter guard and into the gutter below. This is accomplished by offering two distinct flow paths at every downward extension, rather than a singular, compressed inseam that existed before. By increasing the number of water paths, water flow through the filter is increased.

When asked what would happen if shingle grit got into the inseam, Alex shared that it would not take away from performance. “It would be no different from water going through sand on a beach”, he explained. “In fact it’s quite similar to the inventor that filled his gutter trough with gravel to keep debris out of his gutters.”

The key to creating a self cleaning micro mesh is having the filter touch or be part of a downward extending plane. “You’ll find that any product that attempts to use a micro mesh without encompassing this critical element will just not work the same way,” he added. A gentleman by the name of Pfeifer got a patent for a filter over expanded metal in 1990, so that’s in the public domain at this point. Adding the downward elements and then opening them to increase water flow teaches how to make that design clean itself from oils and debris.

“This is beneficial to MasterShield because it better protects the product features and allows the company to maintain its industry identity as the innovators in microfiltration.”

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