Alex Higginbotham Gutter Guard Videos

Alex higginbotham gutter guard

MasterShield, a Higginbotham gutter guard gets the latest advancements from the patented industry inventor.

Higginbotham gutter guard technology has changed the industry, and he has a number of videos on his site that teach about gutter guards.

Higginbotham dislikes the fact that no one shares a visual of their gutter guard tests.  He plans to test gutter guards in video format where you, the homeowner can see the test results.  The first one that he’s posted is his test of MasterShield against oil, honey and syrup to stand in for roof oils, and other sticky materials like sap and pollen.  That’s really putting a Higginbotham gutter guard to the test!

There’s a lot to learn to make an educated decision about a gutter guard, including getting through a lot of the nonsense you might hear.  Learning from the guy that invented it all–Alex Higginbotham, the Father of Microfilter Gutter Guards– is a rare treat we’re pleased to be able to share with you.

MicroVortex Cloth:  What Makes MasterShield’s Filter Different?

MasterShield now features MicroVortex cloth, another patented advancement in micro mesh gutter guards.  In this video, Alex Higginbotham teaches what makes this cloth different and tests it against the filters of two other gutter guards.

More on MicroVortex: Q&A

A Q&A session with Alex Higginbotham where he answers some questions about the new MicroVortex membrane technology in a Higginbotham gutter guard.

MasterShield Test:  Oil, Honey & Syrup

Oils and other organics can reek havoc on gutter guards, unless the micro mesh can self clean from these elements quickly.  In this test of MasterShield, you’ll see in a matter of seconds, our new MicroVortex filter and or updated HydroVortex technology rid us of these elements fast.

Flat is Bad:  Why Not to Install Gutter Guards Flat

If a gutter guard is installed flat issues can arise that can lead to water problems.  In this impromptu conversation, Alex Higginbotham goes through some of reasons not to install a gutter guard this way.

Memory of Metal: What Makes MasterShield Strong

Strength in a gutter guard is important so that it can handle snow load or allow it to handle a branch or other debris from hitting into it in a storm.  Watch how Alex Higginbotham sits on the system, piles it with bricks and then explains why he can do this with MasterShield.

Higginbotham Tests:  Why to Test with Oil

No other gutter guard manufacturer speaks about the second most common reason for a gutter guard’s failure (the first being that old systems allowed debris in).  Here, Alex Higginbotham teaches about roof oils and shares why products must be tested in this manner.

Best Gutter Guard:  Higginbotham’s Accomplishments in MasterShield

A brief wrap up from Alex on MasterShield:  what he’s accomplished with his ideas, patents and design and why it’s all in MasterShield.

Inventing Micro Mesh Gutter Guards:  From Idea to Reality

The Father of Micro Mesh Gutter Guards walks through the inception of the idea.  You might have read other stories, but it all started here.