Why Authorized MasterShield Gutter Guard Dealers Do Things Differently?

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Our Product. Their Reputation.

MasterShield is the most advanced gutter protection system available and manufactured to provide you with the best quality product; part of our warranty ensures it will be free from manufacturing defects.   Even the best products need to be installed correctly to deliver all of the benefits you’ll expect from your gutter guard, so we provide training to our independently owned dealers to an exacting standard.

We’ve made every effort to partner with companies looking to present gutter guards a little differently.  We suggest they hire sheet metal craftsmen, not just installers, which often costs them a little more.  Since MasterShield doesn’t install a typical “lift and stick” system, gutters often have to be dropped to mirror the roof pitch so that you’ll need less maintenance.

They look to solve problems with managing water around a home and make it a point of listening to the explanation of the problem you’re trying to address.   It means they tend not to leave an estimate in your mailbox–they can’t help solve any issues if they do this.

They promote a sale without pressure, believing an education about different systems leads people to make the best choices.  They are also required to sign up to our “No Hype Pledge” so no one representing the company winds up creating a situation that gives contractors a bad reputation in the first place.

Want to learn more about the installation for your home?  Learn what we expect as part of a MasterShield installation here.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Dealer No-Hype Pledge

Each MasterShield dealer must agree to our code of conduct policy that covers the following points:

  • to educate customers on the most advanced gutter guard technology and not to present it like a common “lift and stick” system
  • not to use marketing gimmicks, but to present the facts as clearly as possible
  • no sales pressure
  • no long, drawn-out sales presentations
  • no pricing games
  • no phony mark-ups or mark-downs
  • no cutting corners when their installers install