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Manufactured in
Paterson, NJ

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MGP’s Interlaced Technology is patent pending.
All pending patent applications have been insured by IPISC.

By dialing our toll free number, you’ll be routed directly to the local dealer in your market.

In markets where you try to contact MasterShield and we don’t have a dealer, you’ll reach our national call center.

We sometimes get calls from homeowners with LeafFilter systems looking for service. We have to tell them that we don’t sell LeafFilter, never have and never would (it’s flat)*.

At MasterShield, we don’t get many service calls. So we can offer you something better, but unfortunately, we can’t help with your LeafFilter system.

(*) Obviously, some of our dealers may have sold different products in the past, including LeafFilter.

Are You Looking for Master Shield Inc.?

MasterShield Gutter Protection is not affiliated with Master Shield Inc., a home improvement company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio which operated several satellite offices in Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Master Shield Inc. sold more than one gutter guard system, which included LeafFilter. At some point they began to manufacture their own gutter guard and called it Master Shield until, according to the BBB of Central Ohio, they closed in March 2009.

Their logo was a man clicking his heels under an umbrella (see below).

We occasionally get calls assuming we are the same company, but we are not.

MasterShield Gutter Protection is manufactured by MGP Manufacturing. We are a Delaware company with our own manufacturing facility in New Jersey. All MasterShield installations are done through a network of independently owned and operated dealers.

As we did not manufacture or install any product marketed or sold by Master Shield Inc., we cannot be held responsible for any installation warranties or product warranties they provided to their customers.

Mastershield logo

The man from the Master Shield Inc. logo.

Mastershield Gutter Protection

An image from the Master Shield Inc. marketing materials.