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At MicroMeshGutterGuards.com, we take pride in being the Gutter Geeks™. Our ultimate mission is to make your life easier by eliminating the need for gutter cleaning. Unlike other gutter guards, our patented MasterShield® Gutter Protectionis designed to keep gutters clean and debris-free, ensuring that you can enjoy your free time without worrying about maintenance. With us, you can trust that your home will remain maintenance-free, while you stay safe and on the ground.

Our Evolution of Gutter Guards


MicroMeshGutterGuards.com  incorporated copper, a natural oil thinner, into our gutter guard products. This innovative technology involves combining copper ions with rainwater to produce a substance that effectively breaks down moss, algae, and lichen. Unlike other leaf guards in the market, our gutter guards are equipped with this unique CopperCare™ MicroMesh technology. 


MicroMeshGutterGuards.com established its National Headquarters and manufacturing facility in Paterson, NJ, originally known as MGP Manufacturing, and later rebranded as MicroMeshGutterGuards.com.



MicroMeshGutterGuards.com has secured the exclusive licensee rights for the Higginbotham patents, specifically for metal to Patent 6,598,352. With this exclusive technology, the company is now the sole manufacturer of gutter guards that incorporate this innovative technology. This new development set MicroMeshGutterGuards.com apart from its competitors.

Revolutionary MicroVortex technology is incorporated into all MicroMeshGutterGuards.com products. This key feature, which pulls water through the gutter guard systems at an angle, allows our Gutter Guard products to be pitched with the roof. Resulting in MasterShielsd’s ability to self-clean and shed debris.


Alex Higginbotham made a groundbreaking addition to its gutter guard product. For the first time ever, a surgical-grade stainless steel microfilter has been incorporated, providing an innovative solution for improved filtration.


Alex Higginbotham is awarded his first gutter guard patent and has his first commercial success with LeafFilter® Gutter Protection, which was named to Building Product Magazine’s Annual Top 100 List for 2003 and 2004.


Alex Higginbotham discovers how to make a fine screen work while preventing it from clogging or overshooting  Downward extensions keep organic debris out of the gutter and allow water to quickly flow through what is a sheer but solid surface.


Frustrated by traditional gutter guards that didn’t work, MicroMeshGutterGuards.com co-inventor Alex Higginbotham begins experimenting with filtration systems.


MasterShield® Gutter Protection has been the gold standard since its introduction in 2005. It is backed by genuine patent protected Higginbotham technology. It has features that aren’t built into other designs that make it work better season after season. MicroMeshGutterGuards.com is continually looking to improve its gutter guard technology.

 Our MasterShield product features one-of-a-kind CopperCare™ micro mesh. Copper thins oils which leach from asphalt roofs and kills organisms like moss, algae and lichen which reduces clogs. Copper is also antimicrobial making water safe for pets and recyclable.

MasterShield is sold through MiocroMeshGutterGuards.com’s Dealer Network. Dealers have the opportunity to dominate their region with the best technology available in gutter guards. Our Dealers experience almost no callbacks or product warranty failure claims.

In addition to the best product on the market, MicroMeshGutterGuards.com provides MasterShield dealers marketing and sales support as well as live leads. MasterShield dealers are partners and part of a national network of dealers who share their experience and knowledge.

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