A Gutter Cleaning Robot?

Everyone likes the idea of simplifying tough tasks like gutter cleaning. So when we saw a gutter cleaning robot, we just had to take a look on how much sense this machine made.

Gutter Cleaning Robot

You’ll still wind up on this ladder to use a gutter cleaning robot, probably one of the things you’d prefer to avoid in the first place.

First, you still have to get up on a ladder to get the gutter cleaning robot into your gutters. Then, you have to stay there and control the device as it uses paddles to throw debris out. Not good for someone that doesn’t like to climb ladders in the first place.

The gutter cleaning robot also throws debris everywhere, including back onto your roof. Given this, your likely to be cleaning the same debris out of your gutters twice. There’s also going to be a lot of ground clean up as well.

Then there’s the issue of traveling down the gutter run. Gutter hangers are also not always installed perfectly level, particularly gutters hung with spikes and ferrules. The gutter cleaning robot can hit the spike and not be able to move beyond this point because it can’t get under the hanger. You’re then obligated to move your ladder and get the gutter cleaning robot around the problem.

The robot also doesn’t seem designed to handle lots of wet debris. It seems to need a lot of back and forth action just to clean a small section of gutter. You can almost accomplish more by hand and in less time if you just use a gutter scoop or a blower.

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Gutter Guards are a Better Alternative to a Gutter Cleaning Robot

Compared to a gutter cleaning robot, the right gutter guard makes gutter cleaning a thing of the past. It protects your home 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry about your gutters again. The right gutter guard can also save you from costly water damage, something you won’t find a gutter cleaning robot promising.

Many people don’t invest in gutter guards because the options available haven’t performed to homeowner’s expectations. Countless salesmen have asked homeowners to suspend their disbelief in products that look like debris will still get into them on the remote chance that the “magic” promised would be true. Homeowners just wanted something that made sense and looked for a shift in gutter guard technology.

It wasn’t until industry innovator Alex Higginbotham invented the first microfiltration gutter guard that there was a complete change in gutter guard technology. For the first time, people could install a system that kept all debris out and only let water through.

Eight U.S. patents (and several more pending) and millions of feet later, no one has defined an industry the way Alex has. And your home can be protected by the best he’s created: MasterShield Gutter Protection.

Rather than buying a gutter cleaning robot and hoping it will solve your gutter cleaning problems, take a look at the technology in MasterShield to see if you can finally put an end to gutter cleaning for good.

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