5th Higginbotham Gutter Guard Patent Receives Claim on Louvers

The Higginbotham gutter guard patent portfolio has climbed to five as the US Patent and Trademark office issued a fifth US Patent, US7,913,458.  This patent includes a claim that features protrusions or louvers as the means of directing water through his MicroVortex membrane and into the gutter.

This differs from the design of the current MasterShield body or underlayment. MasterShield uses a series of downward and upward extending planes under our exclusive MicroVortextrade; cloth to pull water into the gutter. Touching the underside of the membrane has been a part of Alex Higginbotham’s technology since he began inventing in 1999, continuing through the receipt of his first patent that taught this concept in 2003.

Alex Higginbotham has continued to invent other methodologies to touch the underside of a membrane to achieve both water permeability and debris protection. For example, he has three US patents on an embodiment of his technology that uses expanded metal under the membrane.

Background of the Higginbotham Gutter Guard Patent

In January 2007 he submitted a patent application for a body consisting of protrusions or louvers out of a perforated plane (think a cheese grater). The louvers—upwards, downwards or louvers in both directions—received patent protection in his fifth patent, which acknowledges and protects another way to achieve his technology.

Higginbotham gutter guard patent #5

Higginbotham gutter guard patent number five being described by Alex Higginbotham.

When an industry acknowledges a good thing (which has happened with Alex Higginbotham’s micro mesh gutter guard technology), other players look for ways to jump on the band wagon to capitalize on a product that consumers want to buy. Typically, they start by looking at what has been patent protected, and try to find ways around the patent. Sometimes they are successful in doing this. If they are not and continue to sell the product, they are likely infringing on the patent.

By adding to his patent “arsenal”, Alex Higginbotham can protect his technology and limit who can use it without licensing the technology from him. Currently, MasterShield is the only party eligible to license the technology in his latest patent.

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