3 Reasons To Give Your Home A Gutter Cover for the Holidays

If you’re back from the stores with bags full of Black Friday goodies, well done! You’ve taken full advantage of the deals this year and you’re on track for a well-organized festive season. But do you have the nagging feeling you’ve forgotten someone? No, not Aunt Ivy – she’ll be thrilled with the extra Kindle you got for your birthday. It’s your home that might be in need of some extra love as for the holidays. Here’s why:

1. House Values Aren’t What They Used to Be: As house prices around the country remain flat, Americans are staying in their homes for longer periods. If you own a house, that’s where a significant chunk of your wealth is tied up. Now is the time to focus on straightforward home maintenance strategies that help your house retain its value. Installing a micro mesh gutter cover is a simple remodeling project that will help your home by preventing clogged gutters. A gutter clog this year can cause water damage that will lead to expensive fixes in January when you’re feeling a little strapped for cash. MasterShield’s patented Hydrovortex technology prevents leaves, twigs, and even tiny particles of shingle grit from lodging in your gutters and causing problem clogs. Trust us: this a gift you should give yourself and your house!

Give Your Home a Gutter Cover for the Holidays2. Gutters Need Love Too: Gutters are on the front line when it comes to protecting your homes from heavy rainfall. Micro mesh gutter covers protect gutter exteriors from mold, grime, water damage, residue accumulation, and surface cracking. It’s like giving your gutters a flat-screen TV! MasterShield gutter covers form a protective barrier that shelters a home from permanent water damage and withstand inclement weather conditions while consistently filtering water. The gutter covers are also self-cleaning so minimal maintenance is required on the part of you the homeowner. It’s a win-win.

3. Winter Storms are on the Way: Many of us love crisp winter weather and a good snowfall, even it means shoveling the driveway. But nobody loves soaring heating bills. Adding some inexpensive insulation can reduce heat flow out of the structure during winter months. Heat loss through the attic floor and the top story ceiling make them primary candidates for insulation. Good insulation can help reduce your heating bills by as much as 15%. But because heat rises to the top of the house, snow on the roof tends to melt and run down the eaves where pools of water can collect. As night falls and temperatures drop, ice can start clogging your gutters. MasterShield’s stainless steel micro mesh guard will help your gutters to cope with the inclement weather. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, into the holiday season and beyond.

Is gutter protection on your holiday wish list? Let us know the top home projects you’d like to get accomplished before the end of the year!

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