3 Lessons MasterShield Learned From the October Snowstorm

They call it an October Surprise for a reason, people. As the Northeast digs out from the freakish snowstorm of 2011, here are three important things we learned from the snow that we’d like to share with you:

Icicles on Roof

No one expected this in October.

  1. Be Prepared: Many people just didn’t anticipate the snowstorm that dumped 30 inches in some parts of the northeast. If there’s a takeaway from the weird weather of 2011, it’s that we need to be prepared, because sometimes the weather warnings don’t give us much advance notice. Fall is a good time to winterize your house, way before you think you need to. Stock up on shovels, snow rakes and salt before the stores sell out. Inspect your roof for any leaks and repair them. While you’re going around the house, make sure storm shutters, and windows are in good repair. Gutters are vulnerable in winter storms, they may have to cope with sudden heavy rainfall or a load of snow and ice. If you haven’t installed MasterShield’s self-cleaning micro mesh gutter guards, make sure gutters are cleaned of debris on a regular basis.
  2. Don’t Leave Leaves Hanging Around: We know you love the trees in your yard and on your street, providing shade in the summer and beautiful fall foliage as the air turns cooler. But the reason the October 2011 snowstorm was so devastating is that the leaves were still green when the storm hit. Trees that could have coped with the snow load on their branches sagged and collapsed as their leaves acted like tiny shovels, holding the snow and increasing the weight beyond what the branches could support. Leaves in your gutters will behave in the same way in a rain or snow storm: when they become wet they get heavier and turn into a solid mass. At this point, they are likely to form a gutter clog. As the leaves fall, sweep them up quickly and make sure the piles are bagged immediately: a high wind could take your neat leaf pile straight into your gutters.
  3. Sometimes Cheap Isn’t Worth It: Three quarters of a million people in the Northeast were still coping with loss of power due to the storm a week later. But what set us thinking today was the story of a two-hour power loss with devastating consequences. A coworker’s cousin lost her computer’s hard drive when the lights went out. “But didn’t she have a power surge protector?” we asked. “Yes”, was the reply, “but she got a no-name product made in China, and it just didn’t work.” Not only does she have to replace the lost hard drive, but the party-planning business she runs from home is temporarily out of action. Something the cousin could have avoided by spending a few more dollars on a quality product. And something to remember when you’re choosing a gutter guard. Other gutter covers cannot cope with heavy rainfall: they allow leaves into your gutters, leading to the dreaded clogs. Only MasterShield’s patented Hydrovortex technology will redirect storm water through the gutter guard and keep your gutters free and clear of all debris. Whatever the weather!

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