MasterShield Gutter Guards Protect You and Your Home.
Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

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Protect your Home from Clogged Gutters Forever with Patented CopperCare™ MicroMesh Technology

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The one-of-a-kind CopperCare™ MicroMesh in MasterShield will SELF-CLEAN, instantly attacking oils and organisms that flow from your roof every time it rains. That means you’re Gutter Guards keep your gutters flowing your home protected, and keep you off a ladder forever-period!!​
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Micromesh Leaf Guard with cutting-edge CopperCare™ technology to minimize clogs-an industry first!

This revolutionary patented micromesh instantly attacks oils and organisms flowing from your roof whenever it rains.

MasterShield’s micromesh filter has copper wire woven into it throughout, protecting it from unseen destructive elements that can damage other gutter guards over time.

Using the best quality 99.9% pure copper wire, three visible copper stripes are woven into a 316 surgical-grade stainless steel micro mesh fabric.

This ensures that not only your gutters but also your home is protected from costly water damage

Gutter Guards pitched with your roof, allowing them to shed debris and eliminate gutter maintenance!

While most gutter guards sit flat on your gutters, allowing debris to be trapped, MasterShield saves you from ongoing care and maintenance

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Gravity and airflow do the work, shedding debris for you! Water from your roof is pulled into your gutter, and debris is not. MasterShield’s downward channels pull insane amounts of water into your gutter while keeping the tiniest of debris out.

MasterShield’s pitched install also stops ice from finding a place to be trapped in the winter months, acting as an extension of your roof instead of a catch-all like other gutter covers.

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Breakthrough technology and self-cleaning properties is what sets MasterShield above any other gutter guards!

MasterShield Gutter Protection features HydroVortex technology that doesn't rely on just gravity to pull water in.

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MasterShield’s siphoning power is unmatched. That also means the angled installation doesn’t result in water overshooting your gutters. covers.

This breakthrough can change water’s forward flow at almost any angle to pull it into the gutter FAST. Other gutter covers could never.

Each panel is precision-machined and custom-fitted to your home for unmatched protection. Protect your home from water damage, and stop gutter cleaning today! 

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Home Owners

…love MasterShield because it makes sure they’ll never worry about gutter cleaning or clogged gutters ever again.

Property Managers & Homeowner Associations

…love MasterShield because it protects multiple units from costly water damage and saves them money on ongoing maintenance costs.

Local Dealers

…love MasterShield because they can offer the world’s best gutter protection system and eliminate tons of service calls every time it rains.

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Stop Cleaning Your Gutters Forever With MasterShield

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gutter guards are traditionally add-ons to new or existing gutters. All have the same goal: to end the nasty chore of gutter cleaning by letting water flow into a gutter while keeping debris out. Since originally patented in the 1880s, these are the top sellers today from most to least effective: (1) Micromesh gutter guards, the most advanced systems available. They are made of stainless steel mesh with aluminum or copper and stainless steel mesh with plastic. (2) Hoods, reverse curves or systems that cover the gutter with a solid surface ending in a curve at the gutter lip, some of which are incorporated into the gutter itself requiring a whole system replacement. (3) Simple screens of metal or plastic that you can find at big box stores.

Micromesh gutter guards now dominate the done-for-you market and have made inroads in the DIY market as well. The best micromesh gutter guards now include patented CopperCare™ micromesh, which adds pure copper threads woven in with the standard stainless steel ones. CopperCare™ mesh addresses gummy roof oils as well as organics like moss, lichen an algae by thinning oils that leach from roof shingles and bursting the spores of the organic materials. Copper also has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria. This best-in-class feature means that the filter remains free flowing to water substantially better than plain stainless micro mesh products. Best-in-class systems also can take water while being pitched like your roof as systems that sit flat can trap debris and cause nasty rot spots at your roof edge.

Gutter guards are supposed to work by keeping debris like leaves, pine needles and all the small stuff trees shed in the spring and other seasons out of your gutters. They are also supposed to be able to handle water that comes off your roof in steady flows. Many try to do this, but most still use 1880s designs to do this! Micromesh technology was invented in the current century and does this with a fine mesh. But a fine mesh on it’s own won’t get water into the gutter, it needs added features to get water flowing into the gutter below. Our systems work not by relying on gravity but by being able to physically change the forward flow and momentum of water and direct it into the gutter where it can get safely away from your home. That we can do this by pitching it like your roof is what sets our technology apart.

This is complicated, like asking what does a watch cost. You can buy one at a dollar store or you can buy one from a jeweler. And let’s not discount that old saying you get what you pay for. That’s true with gutter guard costs. Gutter guard costs are also separate from gutter, downspout and drip edge costs. this is other work that can occur when installing gutter guards. Prices will vary because no two houses are alike. They sit on land with different contours and landscaping. They face different directions. They’ll have different numbers of floors. They have roofs of varying ages/types/styles that will need to be worked around. Each has different trees and unique ways water flows off that particular roof. Your contractor has to work with these factors to get your system working with and around all these factors. They will require seeing the home in person. It will help them determine any issues with your existing gutters that you might not be aware of along with what color options might work best for your home.

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