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Never Fail Gutter Guard Technology Eliminates Cleaning Gutters for Good


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What's the SECRET?

Angled like your roof to self clean
Handles volumes of water
Shingle safe back prevents roof rot
Unique game changing filter


What Makes MasterShield Gutter Guards Different?

No more clogged gutters? Absolutely.

No more water running over the edge of the gutter?  Definitely.

No more nasty green algae streaks on your gutters? Wait, what? Do gutter guards do that?

There’s nothing worse than buying gutter leaf guards on the big promise that, “You will never have to climb on a ladder and clean that funky muck out of your gutter ever again”… only to have it fail after just 3 years.  

Since When Does “Ever Again” Mean 3 Years?

Sadly, that’s what happens to many gutter guard buyers. It’s the skeleton in the closet that the industry doesn’t want you to know about.  Fact is, 1 out of every 3 buyers have to call the installer back for a service call because the gutter guard FAILED!

So why do gutter guards fail?  

Four Reasons:

  • Oil from the asphalt shingles builds up, debris sticks to it and blocks proper drainage. When this happens, rain water will pour straight over gutters.  A service call is a temporary fix because they are simply removing the built up debris, not the oil that causes the problem.
  • Algae, Moss & Lichen will grow on your gutters creating a similar effect as the oil build up.  Drainage gets blocked and every time it rains, you have a wonderful view of Niagara Falls pouring outside your window. 
  • Roof Pitch: Previously designed rain gutter guards sit flat on the gutters, this allows debris to get caught and build up in the corner just under the roof line.  As time goes on, that little corner of leaves and debris begin to get bigger and bigger, holding in moisture, creating mold and mildew on your house. And if that’s not bad enough, you should see what happens in the winter with ice buildup. The weight of ice that can anchor on the old style gutter guards can build up to the point where it can rip your gutters right off your house.  Not to mention the hazard of having those long heavy icicle daggers accumulate above your head.
  • They still let in debris!  If you can see an opening big enough to let in debris, it will still get into the gutters below.  And unfortunately, some leaf gutter guards that are currently being installed are designed to have large openings that let in debris. So how is that any better than what you currently have?

If neglected, each of these problems can lead to bigger, more expensive problems, like rotting wood in your walls and under your shingles, erosion in your lawn and damage to your landscape, and if water builds up along the side of your house, you could end up with a cracked and weakened foundation.


Copper & Stainless Steel Filtration… And Matching Roof Pitch Gutter Guard Design

Our revolutionary micromesh instantly attacks oils and organisms that flow from your roof every time it rains. This means you won’t have to worry over  these destructive elements degrading your gutter guards over time.

Weaving the copper into the micromesh means that both the top and underside of the filter are equally protected.

MGP’s Interlaced Technology is patent pending. All pending patent applications have been insured by IPISC.

Copper & Stainless Steel Filtration

Our revolutionary micromesh instantly attacks oils and organisms that flow from your roof every time it rains. This means you won’t have to worry these destructive elements will impact your gutter guards over time.

Weaving the copper into the micromesh means that both the top and underside of the filter are equally protected.

Three visible copper stripes lets you know the technology is really there and won’t be covered by long hanging shingles. Only the best quality, too! 99.9% pure copper wires woven into a 316 (surgical grade!) stainless steel filter.

Tested by: 

Filtration With Patented Self-Cleaning Properties

It’s not a strainer! Engineered to pull water in and keep the small stuff out, our micromesh features HydroVortex Action’s incredible siphoning properties.

Strategically placed touch points under filter create the way the filter self-cleans. Adding copper, a natural oil thinner, to the micromesh enhances these features as it naturally thins gummy oils.

Our filter is not installed on the job site but is precision machined into every interlocking panel.

Pitched Closely With Your Roof Line

They said it was impossible! This breakthrough means we don’t rely on gravity to pull water through the micromesh but can change the water flow to pull it into the gutter FAST.

Water reacts as if there is nothing there, debris reacts as if there were no gutters on your home. Pitch also stops ice from easily finding a foothold to build up the gutter cover in the winter.

While other rain guards sit flat and easily trap small debris, pitch means you’re saved from lots of ongoing care.

An Unmatched No-Clog Warranty

If a gutter protected by MasterShield gutter guards ever clogs, we’ll refund you the product’s cost on the entire installation.*

But we don’t stop there: should the clog cause damage claimable against your homeowner policy, we’ll refund your insurance deductible, up to $1,500.

Why such a comprehensive warranty? Because our performance and protection really work.

* See warranty from dealer for complete details.

Why Do I Need Gutter Protection?

MasterShield’s gutter protection goes beyond keeping you off a ladder for the hazardous task of gutter cleaning. Its shingle-safe installation helps protect the edge of your roof from costly water damage.

A long aluminum back adds extra protective flashing to where your roof gets the most concentrated water exposure. It’s also added protection against winter water damage. Water is kept away from your fascia, rafters and subroof better than any other gutter guard system.

Think gutter covers that touches your roof shingles is BAD? Dirty little secret — products that install over your existing gutter are more likely to damage the shingles than products that can slide under them.

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