Tired of Cleaning Clogged Gutters? MasterShield Gutter Guards Protect Your Gutters & Home -- You'll Never Worry About Your Gutters Again! Get Started Now How It Works

Protect your Home from Clogged Gutters Forever with Patented Copper-In-the-Filter Technology

Your new gutter guards will SELF-CLEAN and pure copper will instantly attack oils and organisms that flow from your roof every time it rains. That means you’re done cleaning gutters forever-period!!

MasterShield Gutter Guards are pitched like your roof so that debris rolls off, eliminating gutter maintenance

While other gutter guards sit flat and easily trap debris, pitch means you’re saved from lots of ongoing care because pitch and airflow do the work of shedding debris!

Water reacts as if there is nothing there–something they said was impossible if you angled the way MasterShield is installed–while debris reacts as if there was no gutter on your home.

Pitch also stops ice from easily finding a foothold to build up the gutter cover in the winter.

Patented Self Cleaning Properties Separates MasterShield from the Rest

Engineered to pull water in and keep the small stuff out, MasterShield’s micromesh features HydroVortex Action’s incredible siphoning properties. That means the angled installation doesn’t result in water overflowing your gutter runs!

This breakthrough means we don’t rely on gravity to pull water through the micromesh but can change water’s forward flow at almost any angle to pull it into the gutter FAST.

Strategically placed touchpoints under the filter create the way the filter self-cleans.  And your filter won’t be installed on the job site but is precision-machined into every interlocking panel, another MasterShield first!


A Micromesh Gutter Guard with a filter designed to minimize clogs-an industry first!

This revolutionary patented micromesh instantly attacks oils and organisms that flow from your roof every time it rains. This means you won’t have to worry these unseen, destructive elements will impact your gutter guards over time.

Weaving copper right into the gutter guard micromesh means that both the top and underside of the filter are equally protected.

Three visible copper stripes lets you know the technology is really there. Only the best quality, too! 99.9% pure copper wires woven into a 316 (surgical grade!) stainless steel filter.

Who It’s For

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Home Owners

…love MasterShield because it makes sure they’ll never worry about gutter cleaning or clogged gutters ever again.

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Property Managers & Homeowner Associations

…love MasterShield because it protects multiple units from costly water damage and saves them money on ongoing maintenance costs.

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Local Dealers

…love MasterShield because they can offer the world’s best gutter protection system and eliminate tons of service calls every time it rains.

What our customers are saying

When asked for my opinion on your operation form phone call to completion-- 10 out of 10! You don't mince words and were honest with me from the beginning...I told several  people at my office about you and your company and I would like you to go by and measure my mom's house. I want to surprise her with it for her birthday!

Charles T
What our customers are saying

You were honest with me and did not waste my time with false promises and bravado. Your product sold itself once you explained the concept. Your presentation was professional and thorough. MasterShield’s workers were quick, polite, neat and they did an excellent installation, from what I can tell. The gutters have been getting a workout with all of this rain and are doing great! I have walked around the house to make sure nothing was running over, like it was before, and things seem to be working as promised. I appreciate your expertise!

Carroll W
What our customers are saying

Every other company claimed they were the best, all other companies were bad, and tried to pressure me into making a decision on the spot, giving me discount after discount if I could make up my mind today and today only! You were different from the beginning…I had already made up my mind to choose MasterShield, however wanted to see if you were a man of your word. I just want to thank you for a great job that we will enjoy for years to come.

M. Thompson
What our customers are saying

Thank you for our new MasterShield. What a beautiful job. Our new gutters look great and the MasterShield is barely visible, although I like the way it looks…wish I could see more! It’s rare to run across a company so committed to excellence.

Mike McC
What our customers are saying

Having examined a variety of gutter covers on the market, including Leafguard and Gutter Helmet, I am convinced that the MasterShield Gutter Protection System is by far the best and most efficient available. Your excellent presentation at the onset of the job and personal attention to all of the details through its completion makes [you] one of the finest companies I have dealt with. I have recommended that….[you] be included on the “Preferred Contractors” list maintained by our homeowners association.

P. Merton
What our customers are saying

Great products and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them!

R. Jackson
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Stop Cleaning Your Gutters Forever With MasterShield

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